CA Health & Safety Code Section 14953


Each manufacturer shall submit a written certification to the State Fire Marshal attesting that each cigarette listed in the certification has been tested in accordance with subdivision (a) of Section 14952 and meets the performance standard set forth in subdivision (b) of that section.


Each cigarette listed in the certification shall be described with the following information:




Style (for example, light, ultra light).


Length in millimeters.


Circumference in millimeters.


Flavor (for example, menthol, chocolate) if applicable.


Filter or nonfilter.


Package description (for example, soft pack, box).


Marking approved in accordance with Section 14954.


Each cigarette certified under this section shall be recertified every three years.


Manufacturers certifying cigarettes in accordance with this section shall provide a copy of the certifications to all distributors and wholesalers to which they sell cigarettes and shall also provide sufficient copies of an illustration of the cigarette packaging marking utilized by the manufacturer pursuant to Section 14954 for each retailer to which the distributors and wholesalers sell cigarettes. Distributors and wholesalers shall provide a copy of these cigarette packaging markings received from manufacturers to all retailers to which they sell cigarettes.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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