CA Health & Safety Code Section 13825


The chief petitioners or the agency filing the resolution or any member or members of the board of supervisors authorized by the board, or any individual voter or bona fide association of citizens entitled to vote on the district formation proposition, or any combination of these voters and associations of citizens, may file a written argument for or a written argument against the proposed district formation. Arguments shall not exceed 300 words. Based on the time reasonably necessary to prepare and print the text of the proposition, analysis, arguments, and sample ballots and to permit the 10-day public examination period as provided in Section 9190 of the Elections Code for the particular election, the elections officials shall fix and determine a reasonable date prior to the election after which no arguments for or against the measure may be submitted for printing and distribution to the voters pursuant to Section 13826. Notice of the date fixed shall be published by the elections officials pursuant to Section 6061 of the Government Code. Arguments may be changed until and including the date fixed by the elections officials.


If more than one argument for or more than one argument against the proposed district formation is filed with the elections officials within the time prescribed, the elections officials shall select one of the arguments for printing and distribution to the voters. In selecting the arguments, the elections officials shall give preference and priority in the order named to the arguments of the following:


Chief petitioners, or the agency filing the resolution.


The board of supervisors, or any member or members of the board authorized by the board.


Individual voters, or bona fide associations of citizens or a combination of voters and associations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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