CA Health & Safety Code Section 1382


The director shall conduct an examination of the fiscal and administrative affairs of any health care service plan, and each person with whom the plan has made arrangements for administrative, management, or financial services, as often as deemed necessary to protect the interest of subscribers or enrollees, but not less frequently than once every five years.


The expense of conducting any additional or nonroutine examinations pursuant to this section, and the expense of conducting any additional or nonroutine medical surveys pursuant to Section 1380 shall be charged against the plan being examined or surveyed. The amount shall include the actual salaries or compensation paid to the persons making the examination or survey, the expenses incurred in the course thereof, and overhead costs in connection therewith as fixed by the director. In determining the cost of examinations or surveys, the director may use the estimated average hourly cost for all persons performing examinations or surveys of plans for the fiscal year. The amount charged shall be remitted by the plan to the director. If recovery of these costs cannot be made from the plan, these costs may be added to, but subject to the limitation of, the assessment provided for in subdivision (b) of Section 1356.


Reports of all examinations shall be open to public inspection, except that no examination shall be made public, unless the plan has had an opportunity to review the examination report and file a statement or response within 45 days of the date that the department provided the report to the plan. After reviewing the plan’s response, the director shall issue a final report that excludes any survey information, legal findings, or conclusions determined by the director to be in error, describes compliance efforts, identifies deficiencies that have been corrected by the plan on or before the time the director receives the plan’s response, and describes remedial actions for deficiencies requiring longer periods for the remedy required by the director or proposed by the plan.


If requested in writing by the plan, the director shall append the plan’s response to the final report issued pursuant to subdivision (c). The plan may modify its response or statement at any time and provide modified copies to the department for public distribution not later than 10 days from the date of notification from the department that the final report will be made available to the public. The addendum to the response or statement shall also be made available to the public.


Notwithstanding subdivision (c), any health care service plan that contracts with the State Department of Health Services to provide service to Medi-Cal beneficiaries pursuant to Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 14200) of Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare and Institutions Code may make a written request to the director to permit the State Department of Health Services to review its examination report.


Upon receipt of the written request described in subdivision (e), the director may, consistent with Section 6254.5 of the Government Code, permit the State Department of Health Services to review the plan’s examination report.


Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the director’s authority pursuant to Article 7 (commencing with Section 1386) or Article 8 (commencing with Section 1390).
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