CA Health & Safety Code Section 1368.2


On and after January 1, 2002, every group health care service plan contract, except a specialized health care service plan contract, which is issued, amended, or renewed, shall include a provision for hospice care.


The hospice care shall at a minimum be equivalent to hospice care provided by the federal Medicare program pursuant to Title XVIII of the Social Security Act.


The hospice care provided under this section is not required to include preliminary services set forth in subdivision (d) of Section 1749. However, an enrollee who receives those preliminary services shall remain eligible for coverage of curative treatment by a health care service plan during the course of preliminary services and prior to the election of hospice services.


The following are applicable to this section and to paragraph (7) of subdivision (b) of Section 1345:


The definitions in Section 1746, except for subdivisions (o) and (p) of that section.


The “federal regulations” which means the regulations adopted for hospice care under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act in Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter IV, Part 418, except Subparts A, B, G, and H, and any amendments or successor provisions thereto.


The director no later than January 1, 2001, shall adopt regulations to implement this section. The regulations shall meet all of the following requirements:


Be consistent with all material elements of the federal regulations that are not by their terms applicable only to eligible Medicare beneficiaries. If there is a conflict between a federal regulation and any state regulation, other than those adopted pursuant to this section, the director shall adopt the regulation that is most favorable for plan subscribers, members or enrollees to receive hospice care.


Be consistent with any other applicable federal or state laws.


Be consistent with the definitions of Section 1746, except for subdivisions (o) and (p) of that section.


This section is not applicable to the subscribers, members, or enrollees of a health care service plan who elect to receive hospice care under the Medicare program.
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