CA Health & Safety Code Section 1352


A licensed plan shall, within 30 days after any change in the information contained in its application, other than financial or statistical information, file an amendment thereto in the manner the director may by rule prescribe setting forth the changed information. However, the addition of any association, partnership, or corporation in a controlling, controlled, or affiliated status relative to the plan shall necessitate filing, within a 30-day period of an authorization for disclosure to the director of financial records of the person pursuant to Section 7473 of the Government Code.


Prior to a material modification of its plan or operations, a plan shall give notice thereof to the director, who shall, within 20 business days or such additional time as the plan may specify, by order approve, disapprove, suspend, or postpone the effectiveness of the change, subject to Section 1354.


A plan shall, within five days, give written notice to the director in the form as by rule may be prescribed, of a change in the officers, directors, partners, controlling shareholders, principal creditors, or persons occupying similar positions or performing similar functions, of the plan and of a management company of the plan, and of a parent company of the plan or management company. The director may by rule define the positions, duties, and relationships which are referred to in this subdivision.


The fee for filing a notice of material modification pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be the actual cost to the director of processing the notice, including overhead, but shall not exceed seven hundred fifty dollars ($750).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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