CA Health & Safety Code Section 1339.42


No private or public organization, including, but not limited to, any partnership, corporation, or political subdivision of the state, or other governmental agency within the state, shall do any of the following without a license issued pursuant to this chapter:


Represent itself to be a hospice facility by its name or advertisement, soliciting, or any other presentments to the public, or in the context of services within the scope of this chapter imply that it is licensed to provide those services or to make any reference to employee bonding in relation to those services.


Use the words “hospice facility,“ “hospice home,” “hospice-facility,” or any combination of those terms, within its name.


Use words to imply that it is licensed as a hospice facility to provide those services.


A hospice facility licensee shall obtain criminal background checks for its employees, volunteers, and contractors in accordance with federal Medicare conditions of participation (42 C.F.R. Part 418 et seq.) and as may be required in accordance with state law. The hospice facility licensee shall pay the costs of obtaining a criminal background check.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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