CA Health & Safety Code Section 13263


(1)The State Fire Marshal shall develop a certification and decertification process to approve and list carbon monoxide devices and to disapprove and delist previously approved devices, if necessary. The certification and decertification process shall include consideration of effectiveness and reliability of the devices, including, but not limited to, their propensity to record false alarms. The certification and decertification process shall include a review of the manufacturer’s instructions and shall ensure their consistency with building standards applicable to new construction for the relevant type of occupancy with respect to number and placement.


The State Fire Marshal shall charge an appropriate fee to the manufacturer of a carbon monoxide device to cover his or her costs associated with the approval and listing of carbon monoxide devices.


A person shall not market, distribute, offer for sale, or sell any carbon monoxide device in this state unless the device and the instructions have been approved and listed by the State Fire Marshal.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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