CA Health & Safety Code Section 13213


Building standards and other regulations of the State Fire Marshal applicable to existing high-rise structures shall provide to the greatest feasible extent for the safety of occupants of the high-rise structure and persons involved in fire suppression activities. All existing high-rise structures shall be conformed to the requirements contained in such building standards and such other regulations on or before April 26, 1979.


The period for compliance with such requirements may be extended upon showing of good cause for such extension if a systematic and progressive plan of correction is submitted to, and approved by, the enforcing agency. Such extension shall not exceed two years from the date of approval of such plan. Any plan of correction submitted pursuant to this subdivision shall be submitted and approved on or before April 26, 1979.


This section shall not apply to structures located in a city and county if all of the following conditions exist:


The structure is used solely for residential purposes.


The structure contains 12 or fewer dwelling units.


Each dwelling unit in the structure is owner-occupied.


The structure is made of reinforced concrete.


Each dwelling unit in the structure has at least two exits, one of which may be an existing exterior fire escape.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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