CA Health & Safety Code Section 13195

The State Fire Marshal shall adopt and administer the regulations and building standards he or she deems necessary in order to (1) establish and control a program for servicing, testing, and maintaining all automatic fire extinguishing systems, including but not limited to, fire sprinkler systems, engineered and preengineered fixed extinguishing systems, standpipe systems, and water flow alarm devices and (2) establish minimum frequencies of service, inspection, and testing for the various types of automatic fire extinguishing systems. All tests of automatic sprinkler systems shall include a test of all supervisory signaling equipment that is provided to determine whether a condition exists that will impair the satisfactory operation of the system. The regulations and building standards established by the State Fire Marshal for servicing, testing, and maintaining automatic fire extinguishing systems shall consider the requirements of the applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association and the voluntary standards published by the State Fire Marshal entitled the “California Voluntary Standards for Residential Sprinkler Systems,” dated January 1982.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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