CA Health & Safety Code Section 13146.1


Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 13146, the State Fire Marshal, or the State Fire Marshal’s authorized representative, shall inspect every jail or place of detention for persons charged with or convicted of a crime, unless the chief of any city or county fire department or fire protection district, or that chief’s authorized representative, indicates in writing to the State Fire Marshal that inspections of jails or places of detention, therein, shall be conducted by the chief, or the chief’s authorized representative and submits the reports as required in subdivision (c).


The inspections shall be made at least once every two years for the purpose of enforcing the regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshal, pursuant to Section 13143, and the minimum standards pertaining to fire and life safety adopted by the Board of Corrections, pursuant to Section 6030 of the Penal Code.


Reports of the inspections shall be submitted to the official in charge of the facility, the local governing body, the State Fire Marshal, and the Board of Corrections within 30 days of the inspections.


The State Fire Marshal, or his or her authorized representative, who performs an inspection pursuant to subdivision (a) may charge and collect a fee for the inspection from the local government. Any fee collected pursuant to this subdivision shall be in an amount, as determined by the State Fire Marshal, sufficient to pay the costs of that inspection or those related fire and life safety activities.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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