CA Health & Safety Code Section 130151


In addition to the requirements in Section 130150, the Controller shall issue guidelines for expanded annual audits of each county commission required pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 130150 and associated quality control functions, subject to funding by the state commission.


The scope of the audits shall address a review of county commission policies and practices with respect to the following elements:


Contracting and procurement policies, to determine whether they are in place pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of Section 130140, whether state and county commissions are operating in accordance with these policies, and whether these policies contain provisions to ensure that the grants and contracts are consistent with the state or county commission’s strategic plan.


Administrative costs, to ensure that the county commission’s definitions comply with the state commission’s guidelines and that the county commission has a process in place to monitor these costs.


Policies and procedures, established pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of Section 130140, designed to assure compliance by the state commission and county commissions with all applicable state and local conflict-of-interest statutes and regulations.


Policies and practices designed to assure that county commissions are adhering to county commission ordinances established pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 130140.


Long-range financial plans, to determine whether state and county commissions have these plans and that the plans have been formally adopted by the commission in a public hearing.


Financial condition of the commission.


Amount commissions spend on program evaluation and the documented results of these expenditures.


Salaries and benefit policies, to determine whether the county commission’s employee salaries and benefits comply with the policies that the county commission adopted pursuant to paragraph (6) of subdivision (d) of Section 130140.


The auditor for the state commission or the county commission shall submit each audit report, upon completion, simultaneously to both the Controller and to the state commission or applicable county commission.


The state commission and each respective county commission shall schedule a public hearing within two months of receipt of the audit to discuss findings within the report and any response to the findings. Within two weeks of the public hearing, the state or county commission shall submit to the Controller a response to the audit findings.


Within six months of the state or county commission’s response pursuant to subdivision (d), the Controller shall determine whether a county commission has successfully corrected its practices in response to the findings contained in the audit report. The Controller may, after that determination, recommend to the state commission to withhold the allocation of money that the county commission would otherwise receive from the California Children and Families Trust Fund until the Controller determines that the county commission has a viable plan and the ability to correct the practices identified in the audit.


The Controller shall prepare a summary report of the final audits and submit the report to the state commission by November 1 of each year for inclusion in the annual report required pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 130150.


On or before April 30, 2006, the Controller shall present to the state commission in a public meeting the final audit guidelines and implementation plan. When developing the guidelines, the Controller shall consider the reasonableness of the projected costs and administrative burden of the required audit functions.
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