CA Health & Safety Code Section 13009.6


(1)Those expenses of an emergency response necessary to protect the public from a real and imminent threat to health and safety by a public agency to confine, prevent, or mitigate the release, escape, or burning of hazardous substances described in subdivision (c) are a charge against any person whose negligence causes the incident, if either of the following occurs:


Evacuation from the building, structure, property, or public right-of-way where the incident originates is necessary to prevent loss of life or injury.


The incident results in the spread of hazardous substances or fire posing a real and imminent threat to public health and safety beyond the building, structure, property, or public right-of-way where the incident originates.


Expenses reimbursable to a public agency under this section are a debt of the person liable therefor, and shall be collectible in the same manner as in the case of an obligation under contract, express or implied.


The charge created against the person by this subdivision is also a charge against the person’s employer if the negligence causing the incident occurs in the course of the person’s employment.


The public agencies participating in an emergency response meeting the requirements of paragraph (1) of this subdivision may designate one or more of the participating agencies to bring an action to recover the expenses incurred by all of the designating agencies which are reimbursable under this section.


An action to recover expenses under this section may be joined with any civil action for penalties, fines, injunctive, or other relief brought against the responsible person or employer, or both, arising out of the same incident.


There shall be deducted from any amount otherwise recoverable under this section, the amount of any reimbursement for eligible costs received by a public agency pursuant to Chapter 6.8 (commencing with Section 25300) of Division 20. The amount so reimbursed may be recovered as provided in Section 25360.


As used in this section, “hazardous substance” means any hazardous substance listed in Section 25316 or subdivision (q) of Section 25501 of this code, or in Section 6382 of the Labor Code.


As used in this section, “mitigate” includes actions by a public agency to monitor or model ambient levels of airborne hazardous substances for the purpose of determining or assisting in the determination of whether or not to evacuate areas around the property where the incident originates, or to determine or assist in the determination of which areas around the property where the incident originates should be evacuated.
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