CA Health & Safety Code Section 12590

The State Fire Marshal may deny or revoke any license issued pursuant to this part if the State Fire Marshal finds any of the following conditions has occurred:


The licensee has failed to pay the annual renewal license fee provided in this chapter.


The licensee or license applicant has violated any provisions of this part or any regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to this part.


The licensee or license applicant has created or caused a fire nuisance.


The licensee has failed to keep full, complete, and accurate records or failed to file any required reports.


Any fact or condition exists which, if it had existed at the time of the original application for the license reasonably would have warranted the State Fire Marshal in refusing originally to issue the license.


The permit issued under Section 12640 has been rescinded or revoked by the issuing authority.


Any licensee or license applicant has refused to make available to the State Fire Marshal full, complete, and accurate records.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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