CA Health & Safety Code Section 1250.1


The department shall adopt regulations that define all of the following bed classifications for health facilities:


General acute care.


Skilled nursing.


Intermediate care-developmental disabilities.


Intermediate care—other.


Acute psychiatric.


Specialized care, with respect to special hospitals only.


Chemical dependency recovery.


Intermediate care facility/developmentally disabled habilitative.


Intermediate care facility/developmentally disabled nursing.


Congregate living health facility.


Pediatric day health and respite care facility, as defined in Section 1760.2.


Correctional treatment center. For correctional treatment centers that provide psychiatric and psychological services provided by county mental health agencies in local detention facilities, the State Department of State Hospitals shall adopt regulations specifying acute and nonacute levels of 24-hour care. Licensed inpatient beds in a correctional treatment center shall be used only for the purpose of providing health services.


Hospice facility.


Except as provided in Section 1253.1, beds classified as intermediate care beds, on September 27, 1978, shall be reclassified by the department as intermediate care—other. This reclassification shall not constitute a “project” within the meaning of Section 127170 and shall not be subject to any requirement for a certificate of need under Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 127125) of Part 2 of Division 107, and regulations of the department governing intermediate care prior to the effective date shall continue to be applicable to the intermediate care—other classification unless and until amended or repealed by the department.
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