CA Health & Safety Code Section 1248.2


Any outpatient setting may apply to an accreditation agency for a certificate of accreditation. Accreditation shall be issued by the accreditation agency solely on the basis of compliance with its standards as approved by the board under this chapter.


The board shall obtain and maintain a list of accredited outpatient settings from the information provided by the accreditation agencies approved by the board, and shall notify the public, by placing the information on its Internet Web site, whether an outpatient setting is accredited or the setting’s accreditation has been revoked, suspended, or placed on probation, or the setting has received a reprimand by the accreditation agency.


The list of outpatient settings shall include all of the following:


Name, address, and telephone number of any owners, and their medical license numbers.


Name and address of the facility.


The name and telephone number of the accreditation agency.


The effective and expiration dates of the accreditation.


Accrediting agencies approved by the board shall notify the board and update the board on all outpatient settings that are accredited.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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