CA Health & Safety Code Section 1231


All clinics shall maintain compliance with the licensing requirements. These requirements shall not, however, prohibit the use of alternate concepts, methods, procedures, techniques, space, equipment, personnel qualifications, or the conducting of pilot projects, provided these exceptions are carried out with provision for safe and adequate patient care and with prior written approval of the department. A written request and substantiating evidence supporting the request shall be submitted by the applicant or licensee to the state department. Where a licensee submits a single program flexibility request and substantiating evidence on behalf of more than one similarly situated primary care clinic, the department may approve the program flexibility request as to each of the primary care clinics identified in the request. The department shall approve or deny any request within 60 days of submission. This approval shall be in writing and shall provide for the terms and conditions under which the exception is granted. A denial shall be in writing and shall specify the basis therefor.


Substantiating evidence of a shortage of a specific health care professional that is submitted in support of a request for utilization of alternatives to personnel requirements contained in regulations adopted under this chapter may include documentation that the clinic is located in a geographic area that is either deemed under federal law, or designated by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, as a medically underserved area, a health professional shortage area, or as serving, in whole or in part, a medically underserved population.


If after investigation the department determines that a clinic granted a waiver pursuant to this section is operating in a manner contrary to the terms or conditions of the waiver, the director shall immediately revoke the waiver as to that clinic site.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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