CA Health & Safety Code Section 121290.5


The initiative shall establish a central coordinating body to provide administrative, technical, educational, and health information dissemination services to the initiative’s network of community-based organizations.


The duties of the central coordinating body shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:


Helping to provide program administration services, project management, fiscal support, resource allocation, and program evaluation to the initiative.


Assisting in the collection, management, and analysis of primary and secondary data, and providing technical support and training.


Aiding in the synthesis, interpretation, and dissemination of information on HIV and African-Americans.


The objectives of the central coordinating body shall include, but not be limited to, both of the following:


To achieve economies of scale in effort, expertise, and equipment, and thereby build the capacity of the provider network and the Office of AIDS to develop, implement, and evaluate community programs to address HIV/AIDS among African-Americans.


To pool services, expertise, equipment, and facilities to support several interrelated projects and collaborating organizations, thereby leveraging greater resources than those that would be provided separately to each project and without formal interactions among the Office of AIDS, community-based organizations, and public sector agencies.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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