CA Health & Safety Code Section 12105

If the issuing authority finds, after reviewing the application for a permit, that the applicant possesses sufficient and adequate facilities to conduct the acts specified in the application, and that the issuance of such permit would not appear to be contrary to the public welfare and safety, he shall issue a permit authorizing the applicant to engage in such specific acts. Before issuing a permit for the storage of explosives, the issuing authority shall first inspect and approve the storage facility. No application for such a permit shall be approved by the issuing authority unless the storage facility is in strict compliance with the regulations adopted by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Section 12081. In addition, the issuing authority may, at his discretion, require the submission of any personal information relevant to the acts for which application is made.
A permit shall not be issued until after the payment of a fee of ten dollars ($10), unless the quantity of explosives is 100 pounds or less, in which case the fee shall be two dollars ($2). The permit fee shall be equally divided and deposited into the treasury of the city, county, or city and county having jurisdiction over the issuing authority and into the State Treasury.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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