CA Health & Safety Code Section 12101.5

This chapter does not apply to any possession or use by a person licensed as a pyrotechnic operator—special effects first class of 20 pounds or less of smokeless powder, or five pounds or less of black sporting powder, if all of the following requirements are satisfied:


All such powder is for use in the pursuit of the lawful business of such licensee and not for resale, and, in the case of black sporting powder, there shall be no gift, delivery or other disposition to another person who is not licensed as a pyrotechnic operator—special effects first class. Any such licensee may sell, give, deliver, or otherwise dispose of any smokeless or black sporting powder to another such licensee.


The storage, use and handling of such smokeless and black powder conforms to rules, regulations, or ordinances of authorities having jurisdiction for fire prevention and suppression in the area of such storage, use, and handling of such explosives.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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