CA Health & Safety Code Section 119312


A body art facility shall not conduct business without a valid health permit.


No body art facility shall allow a practitioner who does not possess a valid practitioner registration to perform body art procedures at the facility.


An owner of a body art facility shall notify the local enforcement agency in writing within 30 days of the resignation, termination, or new hire of a body art practitioner at the body art facility.


The application for a health permit for a body art facility shall include all of the following:


A copy of the facility’s infection prevention control plan, as required by Section 119313.


A fee, as set by the local enforcement agency at an amount not to exceed the amount necessary but that is sufficient to cover the actual costs of administration of the program. Fees established by this section shall be used exclusively in support of activities pursuant to this chapter.


The local enforcement agency shall issue a health permit after an investigation has determined that the proposed body art facility and its method of operation meets the specifications of the approved plans or conforms to the requirements of this article.


A health permit is valid only for the location of the facility and the time period indicated on the permit and may not be transferred to another owner or facility.


The health permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the body art facility. Certificates of registration for all practitioners performing body art in that facility shall also be prominently displayed either near the health permit or at the individual practitioner’s procedure area if each practitioner has a designated area.


A person proposing to construct a practice site or mobile practice site, other than a temporary body art event booth, shall submit plans to the Plan Review Unit of the local enforcement agency. The plans shall be approved in advance of the issuance of a building, plumbing, or electrical permit. All required corrections must be made and the body art facility approved to open before body art can be performed in the facility.


Health permits shall be renewed annually through a process to be determined by the local enforcement agency.


The county may suspend or revoke the permit of a body art facility if a person who does not possess a valid practitioner registration is allowed to perform body art.


An owner who operates a body art facility shall obtain all necessary permits to conduct business, including, but not limited to, a permit issued by a local enforcement agency. In addition to the penalties available pursuant to Article 6 (commencing with Section 119320), an owner who violates this subdivision shall be subject to the closure of the facility and a penalty not to exceed three times the cost of the permit.
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