CA Health & Safety Code Section 114393


Based upon inspection findings or other evidence, an enforcement officer may impound food, equipment, or utensils that are found to be, or suspected of being, unsanitary or in such disrepair that food, equipment, or utensils may become contaminated or adulterated, and inspect, impound, or inspect and impound any utensil that is suspected of releasing lead or cadmium in violation of Section 108860. The enforcement officer may attach a tag to the food, equipment, or utensils that shall be removed only by the enforcement officer following verification that the condition has been corrected.


No food, equipment, or utensils impounded pursuant to subdivision (a) shall be used unless the impoundment has been released.


Within 30 days, the enforcement agency that has impounded the food, equipment, or utensils pursuant to subdivision (a) shall commence proceedings to release the impounded materials or to seek administrative or legal remedy for its disposition.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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