CA Health & Safety Code Section 114378.2

A fishermen’s market shall meet all of the following requirements:


Each fishermen’s market food booth shall post the name of the fisherman, vessel or farm, and acceptable market name of fish sold so they are legible and clearly visible to patrons.


Notwithstanding Section 113953, handwashing facilities for a fishermen’s market food both that operates for three consecutive days or less may include a container capable of providing a continuous stream of water from an approved source that leaves both hands free to allow vigorous rubbing with soap and warm water for 10 to 15 seconds, inclusive. A catch basin shall be provided to collect wastewater, and the wastewater shall be properly disposed of according to Section 114197.


Handwashing facilities shall be equipped with handwashing cleanser and single-use sanitary towels. A separate receptacle shall be available for towel waste.


Notwithstanding Section 114205, potable water shall be available for handwashing and sanitizing as approved by the enforcement agency.


Approved toilet and handwashing facilities shall be available within 200 feet of the premises of a fishermen’s market or as approved by the enforcement agency.


All garbage and refuse shall be stored and disposed of in a manner approved by the enforcement agency.


Wastewater shall be disposed of in a facility connected to the public sewer system or in a manner approved by the enforcement agency.


Floors shall be constructed of concrete, asphalt, tight wood, or other similar cleanable material kept in good repair.


Overhead protection shall be provided over the evisceration process, food storage, food display, and warewashing areas. Overhead protection shall be made of wood, canvas, or other materials that protect the facility from precipitation, dust, bird and insect droppings, and other contaminants.


Notwithstanding Section 114095, approved warewashing facilities may be shared if the sink is centrally located and is adjacent to the sharing facilities. The enforcement agency may also approve use of warewashing facilities within a permanent facility if it is located within 200 feet of the premises of the fishermen’s market or as approved by the enforcement agency.


Food-related and utensil-related equipment shall be located and installed to prevent food contamination.


During periods of inoperation, food, food equipment, and utensils shall be stored within a fully enclosed facility approved by the enforcement agency, or in approved food compartments where the food, food equipment, and utensils are protected at all times from contamination, exposure to the elements, ingress of rodents or other vermin, and temperature abuse.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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