CA Health & Safety Code Section 114332.2


Except where all food and beverage is prepackaged, handwashing and warewashing facilities approved by the enforcement officer shall be provided for nonprofit charitable temporary food facilities. Each nonprofit charitable temporary food facility shall be equipped with a handwashing facility. Based on local environmental conditions, location, and similar factors, the local enforcement agency may, in lieu of warewashing facilities, allow a nonprofit charitable temporary food facility operating no more than four hours per day at a single event to provide an adequate supply of utensils and spare utensils when they have been properly washed and sanitized at an approved food facility and are stored and kept free of becoming soiled or contaminated.


Facilities for the sanitary disposal of all liquid waste shall be subject to the approval of the enforcement officer.


At least one toilet facility for each 15 employees shall be provided within 60 meters (200 feet) of each nonprofit charitable temporary food facility.


Food contact surfaces shall be smooth, easily cleanable, and nonabsorbent.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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