CA Health & Safety Code Section 114268


Except in sales areas and as otherwise specified in subdivision (d), the floor surfaces in all areas in which food is prepared, prepackaged, or stored, where any utensil is washed, where refuse or garbage is stored, where janitorial facilities are located in all toilet and handwashing areas, except with respect to areas relating to guestroom accommodations and the private accommodations of owners and operators in restricted food service facilities, shall be smooth and of durable construction and nonabsorbent material that is easily cleanable.


Floor surfaces shall be coved at the juncture of the floor and wall with a 38 inch minimum radius coving and shall extend up the wall at least 4 inches, except in areas where food is stored only in unopened bottles, cans, cartons, sacks, or other original shipping containers.


Public or private schools constructed or remodeled after the effective date of this part shall comply with subdivision (b). Public and private schools constructed before the effective date of this part need not comply with subdivision (b), provided that the existing floor surfaces are maintained in good repair and in a sanitary condition.


Except for dining and serving areas, the use of sawdust, wood shavings, peanut hulls, or similar materials is prohibited.


This section shall not prohibit the use of approved dust-arresting floor sweeping and cleaning compounds during floor cleaning operations or the use of antislip floor finishes or materials in areas where necessary for safety reasons.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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