CA Health & Safety Code Section 114132


Except as specified in this section, wood and wood wicker shall not be used as a food-contact surface.


Hard maple or an equivalently hard, close-grained wood may be used for cutting boards, cutting blocks, bakers’ tables, utensils such as rolling pins, doughnut dowels, salad bowls, and chopsticks, wooden paddles used in confectionery operations for pressure scraping kettles when manually preparing confections at a temperature of 230°F or above, and cedar planks used for grilling or baking seafood.


Whole, uncut, raw fruits and vegetables and nuts in the shell may be kept in wood shipping containers until the fruits, vegetables, or nuts are used.


When wood or wood shipping containers become cracked, splintered, or otherwise damaged, they shall be refurbished or replaced.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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