CA Health & Safety Code Section 114067


Satellite food service is restricted to limited food preparation.


Satellite food service shall only be operated by a fully enclosed permanent food facility that meets the requirements for food preparation and service and that is responsible for servicing the satellite food service operation.


Prior to conducting satellite food service, the permitholder of the permanent food facility shall submit to the enforcement agency written standard operating procedures that include all of the following information:


All food products that will be handled and dispensed.


The proposed procedures and methods of food preparation and handling.


Procedures, methods, and schedules for cleaning utensils, equipment, structures, and for the disposal of refuse.


How food will be transported to and from the permanent food facility and the satellite food service operation, and procedures to prevent contamination of foods.


How potentially hazardous foods will be maintained in accordance with Section 113996.


All food preparation shall be conducted within a food compartment or fully enclosed facility approved by the enforcement officer.


Satellite food service areas shall have overhead protection that extends over all food handling areas.


Satellite food service operations that handle nonprepackaged food shall be equipped with approved handwashing facilities and warewashing facilities that are either permanently plumbed or self-contained.


Notwithstanding subdivision (f), the local enforcement agency may approve the use of alternative warewashing facilities.


During nonoperating hours and periods of inclement weather, food, food contact surfaces, and utensils shall be stored within any of the following:


A fully enclosed satellite food service operation.


Approved food compartments where food, food contact surfaces, and utensils are protected at all times from contamination, exposure to the elements, ingress of vermin, and temperature abuse.


A fully enclosed permanent food facility.


Satellite food service activities shall be conducted by and under the constant and complete control of the permitholder of the fully enclosed permanent food facility, or the duly contracted personnel of, or third-party providers to, the permitholder.


For purposes of permitting and enforcement, the permitholder of the permanent food facility and the permitholder of the satellite food service shall be the same.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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