CA Health & Safety Code Section 114065

Notwithstanding Section 114266, this section shall not be construed to require the enclosure, during operating hours, of consumer self-service nonpotentially hazardous bulk beverage dispensing operations that meet the following requirements:


The dispensing operation is installed contiguous with a permanent food facility and is operated by the food facility.


The beverages are dispensed from enclosed equipment that precludes exposure of the beverages until they are dispensed at the nozzles. The dispensing equipment actuating lever or mechanism and filling device of consumer self-service beverage dispensing equipment shall be designed to prevent contact with the lip-contact surface of glasses or cups that are refilled.


Ice and ice product are dispensed only from an ice product dispenser. Ice and ice product are not scooped or manually loaded into a dispenser out-of-doors.


Single-use utensils are protected from contamination and are individually wrapped or dispensed from approved sanitary dispensers.


The dispensing operations have overhead protection that fully extends over all equipment associated with the facility.


During nonoperating hours the dispensing operations are fully enclosed so as to be protected from contamination by vermin and exposure to the elements.


The permitholder of the permanent food facility demonstrates to the enforcement agency that adequate methods are in place to properly clean and sanitize the beverage dispensing equipment.


Beverage dispensing operations are in compliance with Section 113980 and have been approved by the enforcement agency.


Beverage dispensing operations are under the constant and complete control of the person in charge of the permanent food facility who is operating the dispensing equipment.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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