CA Health & Safety Code Section 113947.2

The food safety certification examination for purposes of Section 113947.1 shall include, but need not be limited to, all of the following elements of knowledge:


Foodborne illness, including terms associated with foodborne illness, micro-organisms, hepatitis A, and toxins that can contaminate food and the illness that can be associated with contamination, definition and recognition of potentially hazardous foods, chemical, biological, and physical contamination of food, and the illnesses that can be associated with food contamination, and major contributing factors for foodborne illness.


The relationship between time and temperature with respect to foodborne illness, including the relationship between time and temperature and micro-organisms during the various food handling, preparation, and serving states, and the type, calibration, and use of thermometers in monitoring food temperatures.


The relationship between personal hygiene and food safety, including the association of hand contact, personal habits and behaviors, and food employee health to foodborne illness, and the recognition of how policies, procedures, and management contribute to improved food safety practices.


Methods of preventing food contamination in all stages of food handling, including terms associated with contamination and potential hazards prior to, during, and after delivery.


Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils.


Problems and potential solutions associated with facility and equipment design, layout, and construction.


Problems and potential solutions associated with temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, housekeeping, and maintenance.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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