CA Health & Safety Code Section 11362.755


Each county health department or the county’s designee may charge a fee for all costs incurred by the county or the county’s designee for administering the program pursuant to this article.


In no event shall the amount of the fee charged by a county health department exceed one hundred dollars ($100) per application or renewal.


Upon satisfactory proof of participation and eligibility in the Medi-Cal program, a Medi-Cal beneficiary shall receive a 50 percent reduction in the fees established pursuant to this section.


Upon satisfactory proof that a qualified patient, or the legal guardian of a qualified patient under the age of 18, is a medically indigent adult who is eligible for and participates in the County Medical Services Program, the fee established pursuant to this section shall be waived.


In the event the fees charged and collected by a county health department are not sufficient to pay for the administrative costs incurred in discharging the county health department’s duties with respect to the mandatory identification card system, the Legislature, upon request by the county health department, shall reimburse the county health department for those reasonable administrative costs in excess of the fees charged and collected by the county health department.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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