CA Health & Safety Code Section 111965

The floors, side walls, ceiling, furniture, receptacles, utensils, implements, and machinery of every food processing establishment shall at no time be kept in an unclean, unhealthful, or unsanitary condition. Any of the following is deemed to be “an unclean, unhealthful, or unsanitary condition”:


If food in the process of manufacture, preparation, packing, storing, sale, or distribution is not securely protected from flies, dust, or dirt, and from all other foreign or injurious contamination.


If refuse, dirt, and waste products subject to decomposition and fermentation incident to the manufacture, preparation, packing, storing, selling, and distributing of food, are not removed daily.


If all trucks, trays, boxes, baskets, buckets, other receptacles, chutes, platforms, racks, tables, shelves, knives, saws, cleavers, and all other utensils, receptacles, and machinery used in moving, handling, cutting, chopping, mixing, canning, and all other processes employed in the preparation of food are not thoroughly cleaned daily.


If the clothing of employees is unclean or if they dress, undress, or leave or store their clothing in the place where the food is produced, prepared, manufactured, packed, sold or distributed.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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