CA Health & Safety Code Section 108880


For fiscal years 1991–92 and 1992–93, the department shall levy a fee of five hundred dollars ($500) for each manufacturer, importer, and distributor of tableware sold in this state to be used for the implementation of this chapter, except that the department shall levy a fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for small businesses. A penalty of 10 percent per month shall be added to any fee that is not paid when due. The fee shall not exceed the costs of administering and enforcing this chapter for the 1991–92 and 1992–93 fiscal years. No later than July 1993, the department shall establish and implement a fee schedule that assesses an annual fee upon manufacturers, importers, and distributors of tableware sold in California. The fees shall be based on the reasonable anticipated costs that will be incurred by the department, and by local health officers if an agreement is executed pursuant to Section 108885, to implement and enforce this chapter. In calculating the necessary fees, the department shall include any civil penalties generated pursuant to Section 100425. Commencing in fiscal year 1993–94, the fee established pursuant to this subdivision shall be adjusted pursuant to Section 100425 and shall further be adjusted annually by reducing the fee by an amount equal to the total amount of civil penalties collected pursuant to Section 108900 during the previous calendar year, divided by the total number of manufacturers, importers, and distributors having paid fees during the previous calendar year. The fee collected pursuant to subdivision (a) shall terminate upon implementation of the fee schedule developed pursuant to this subdivision. The fee schedule shall provide for the recovery of all costs of implementing this chapter, including the cost of establishing the fee schedule as prescribed in this section. In the event that the department’s reasonable costs in any one fiscal year exceed the available fees for that year, the department shall, as necessary, delay any activities in administering this chapter that will incur costs exceeding available fees until the following year. All moneys collected as fees pursuant to this section shall be expended in carrying out this chapter.
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