CA Health & Safety Code Section 108300

For the purpose of enforcing this chapter, carriers engaged in commerce, and persons receiving or holding hazardous substances shall upon the request of an agent of the department, permit the agent, at reasonable times, to have access to and to copy all records showing the movement of any hazardous substance, or the holding thereof during or after the movement, and the quantity, shipper, and consignee thereof, provided, that evidence obtained under this section shall not be used in a criminal prosecution of the person from whom obtained, provided, further, that carriers shall not be subject to this chapter by reason of their receipt, carriage, holding, or delivery of hazardous substances in the usual course of business as carriers. As used in this section, “carrier” means a person engaged in transporting property from one place to another and who has no other interest in the ownership of the property.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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