CA Health & Safety Code Section 108205

The term “banned hazardous substance” means either:


Any toy, or other article intended for use by children, that is a hazardous substance, or that bears or contains a hazardous substance in the manner as to be susceptible of access by a child to whom the toy or other article is entrusted.


Any hazardous substance intended or packaged in a form suitable, for use in the household, that the department by regulation classifies as a “banned hazardous substance” on the basis of a finding that, notwithstanding the cautionary labeling as is or may be required under this chapter for that substance, the degree or nature of the hazard involved in the presence or use of that substance in households is that the objective of the protection of the public health and safety can be adequately served only by keeping that substance, when so intended or packaged, out of the channels of intrastate commerce.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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