CA Health & Safety Code Section 106615

The words and phrases defined in this section shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:


“Department” means the State Department of Public Health Services.


“Committee” means the Environmental Health Specialist Registration Committee.


“Registered environmental health specialist” means an environmental health professional educated and trained within the field of environmental health who is registered in accordance with the provisions of this article.


“Environmental health specialist trainee” means a person who possesses (1) a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, including 30 semester units of basic sciences, from a department approved educational institution or an educational institution of collegiate grade listed in the directory of accredited institutions of postsecondary education compiled by the American Council on Education, but who has not completed the specific coursework and experience requirements in the field of environmental health as required by Section 106660 for registration, and (2) who is engaged in an approved environmental health training plan.


“Scope of practice in environmental health” means the practice of environmental health by registered environmental health specialists in the public and private sector within the meaning of this article and includes, but is not limited to, organization, management, education, enforcement, consultation, and emergency response for the purpose of prevention of environmental health hazards and the promotion and protection of the public health and the environment in the following areas: food protection; housing; institutional environmental health; land use; community noise control; recreational swimming areas and waters; electromagnetic radiation control; solid, liquid, and hazardous materials management; underground storage tank control; onsite septic systems; vector control; drinking water quality; water sanitation; emergency preparedness; and milk and dairy sanitation pursuant to Section 33113 of the Food and Agricultural Code. Activities of registered environmental health specialists shall be regulated by the department upon the recommendation of the committee.


“Certificate of registration” means a signed document issued by the department as evidence of registration and qualification to practice as a registered environmental health specialist under this article. The certificate shall bear the designation “registered environmental health specialist” and shall show the name of the person, date of issue, registration number, and seal.


“Experience requirement” means on-the-job training and experience, as stated in this article, that all environmental health specialist trainees shall complete prior to obtaining eligibility for the environmental health specialist examination.


“Approved environmental health training plan” means a training program in an organization that plans to utilize environmental health specialist trainees and has on file with the department a copy of its training plan that conforms with the requirements of Section 106665, and that has been approved by the committee.


“Director” means the director.
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