CA Health & Safety Code Section 105444


The program shall develop guidelines and model protocols that address the science and practice of biomonitoring to implement this chapter, including, but not limited to, study design, subject recruitment, and data collection and management, and that accomplish all of the following:


Ensure confidentiality and informed consent.


Communicate findings to participants, communities, and the general public.


Emphasize all aspects of the program in a culturally sensitive manner.


Serve as a guide for other biomonitoring programs supported by state funds.


The program shall incorporate, as appropriate, the methods utilized by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the studies known collectively as the National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals.


The program shall be implemented in collaboration with the California Environmental Health Tracking Program and the environmental indicators system maintained by the office pursuant to Section 71081 of the Public Resources Code.


The department, office, and DTSC shall collaborate on the development of fact sheets and other informational and outreach materials for the biomonitoring program.


The department, in collaboration with the office and DTSC, shall conduct statistical and epidemiological analyses of the biomonitoring results.


Personal information as defined in Section 1798.3 of the Civil Code, shall not be shared without the written and informed consent of the individual to whom it pertains.


No governmental agency or private person or entity shall discriminate against a person or community based upon the biomonitoring results.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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