CA Health & Safety Code Section 105405


The department through its Indoor Air Quality Program shall develop nonbinding guidelines for the reduction of exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC) from construction materials in newly constructed or remodeled office buildings. At a minimum, the department shall consider all of the following:


The type of building to which the guidelines shall apply.


The methodology for identifying indoor sources of VOC.


The bake-out procedures prior to occupancy for newly constructed buildings.


The procedures for VOC reduction during and after major remodeling of occupied buildings.


The need to establish mandatory regulations rather than nonbinding guidelines for the procedures to reduce VOC exposure in newly constructed buildings and during the remodeling of buildings and, in addition, the need for regulation regarding the occupancy of a newly constructed building or a building undergoing remodeling where VOC reduction is to be a consideration.


The need to establish an ad hoc group of building construction material manufacturers, builders, building owners and managers, organized labor, sheetmetal contractors, plumbing contractors, mechanical engineers, architects, and building inspectors to advise the department on procedures and costs related to implementing the proposed guidelines.


The department shall develop and submit the nonbinding guidelines to the Legislature, and file copies with the Department of General Services and the State Building Standards Commission, by January 1, 1992.


The guidelines developed by the department pursuant to this section shall be nonbinding and voluntary, and shall therefore, be exempt from the procedures for adoption of regulations, including the review and approval by the Office of Administrative Law, pursuant to Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of the Government Code.
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