CA Health & Safety Code Section 104790

The local health officer of each local health department interested in participating in the community dental disease prevention program, or his or her designee, in cooperation with the appropriate education personnel and the local advisory board, shall submit a proposal for the program to the department annually. The proposal shall include the methods by which the program will be implemented in each jurisdiction and program results reported. However, this function shall be the responsibility of the department for all counties that contract with the state for health services under Section 101300. These contract counties, at the option of the board of supervisors, may provide services pursuant to this article in the same manner as other county programs, provided the option is exercised six months prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. If the local health officer elects not to submit a program proposal, the department may solicit program proposals from other public or private nonprofit agencies and contract directly with the agencies. These proposals shall meet the same requirements as specified for local health officers in this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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