CA Health & Safety Code Section 104564

A county participating in this program shall maintain the following services, supported by this program or from other sources, to the extent funds are available:


A coordinated and integrated system providing early outreach, pregnancy screening, patient advocacy, targeted case management, health education, and referral to drug and alcohol treatment and perinatal care services to pregnant women.


(1) A patient advocacy and education component that will reach women from all target populations at least six months prior to, and in the earliest stages of pregnancy, and provide information, health screenings, and assistance in obtaining appropriate services.


Patient advocates may arrange for prenatal care for eligible pregnant women.


In developing and implementing the program described in this section each county shall obtain the involvement and participation of local community organizations, including clinics and schools with special expertise in the provision of health education, perinatal care, and alcohol and drug treatment.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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