CA Health & Safety Code Section 104181


The moneys in the Cancer Research Fund, established pursuant to Section 104180, shall be expended for the purpose of cancer research.


The State Department of Health Services shall establish and administer the Cancer Research Program created by this article in a manner that will ensure the participation of both private sector and public research organizations. The State Department of Health Services may contract with nonprofit organizations, foundations, or public entities to administer the Cancer Research Program created by this article. A nonprofit organization shall be established under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of conducting public health research. A nonprofit organization, foundation, or public entity shall have prior experience administering research programs offering comprehensive grant and contract opportunities for research concerning public health and disease-related projects, with substantial participation by private entities and public research organizations. In addition, a nonprofit organization, foundation, or public entity shall have experience in seeking, combining, and maximizing private funding to supplement public funding of projects. It is the intent of the Legislature that this program incorporate the principles and organizational elements set forth in this article, including, but not limited to, a research program office with a director and other essential staff, a cancer research council, and a research peer review panel.


For the purposes of this article, all of the following shall apply:


“Cancer research” is research with respect to the cause and prevention, cure, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, including, but not limited to, intramural and extramural research in the fields of biomedical science and engineering, economics, epidemiology, diet and lifestyle, public health, and technology development and translation, with emphasis on noninvasive treatments.


“Department” means the State Department of Health Services.


“Grantee” means any qualifying public, private, or nonprofit agency or individual, including, but not limited to, colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, local health departments, voluntary health agencies, cancer registries, health maintenance organizations, publicly traded or private corporations, students, fellows, entrepreneurs, and individuals conducting research in this state. A grantee may also be a corporation that is headquartered in California and that will conduct a substantial majority of the grant’s research in this state.


“Indirect costs” includes use allowance for research facilities, heating, lighting, library services, health and safety services, project administration, and building maintenance, as defined by federal cost accounting guidelines for federally sponsored research.


“Program” means the Cancer Research Program.


“Council” means the Cancer Research Council established pursuant to Section 104182.
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