CA Health & Safety Code Section 103440

The new birth certificate shall supplant any birth certificate previously registered for the applicant and shall be the only birth certificate open to public inspection. The application and supporting affidavit shall be filed with the original record of birth, that shall remain as a part of the records of the State Registrar. All records and information specified in this article, other than the newly issued birth certificate, shall be available only upon written request of the registrant or an order of a court of record. When a new birth certificate is established under this article, the State Registrar shall transmit copies of the newly established birth certificate for filing to the local registrar and the county recorder whose records contain copies of the original certificate, who shall forward the copies of the original certificate to the State Registrar for filing with the original certificate, if it is practical for him or her to do so. If it is impractical for him or her to forward the copy to the State Registrar, he or she shall effectually seal a cover over the copy of the original certificate in a manner as not to deface or destroy the copy and forward a verified statement of his or her action to the State Registrar. Thereafter the information contained in the record shall be available only upon written request of the registrant or on order of a court of record.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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