CA Health & Safety Code Section 101230

From the appropriation made for the purposes of this article, allocation shall be made to the administrative bodies of qualifying local health jurisdictions described as public health administrative organizations in Section 101185 in the following manner:


A basic allotment as follows: To the administrative bodies of local health jurisdictions, a basic allotment of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) per local health jurisdiction or $0.212426630 per capita, whichever is greater, subject to the availability of funds appropriated in the annual Budget Act or some other act. The population estimates used for the calculation of the per capita allotment shall be based on the Department of Finance’s E-1 Report, “City/County Population Estimates with Annual Percentage Changes” as of January 1 of the previous fiscal year. However, if within a county there are one or more city health jurisdictions, the county shall subtract the population of the city or cities from the county total population for purposes of calculating the per capita total. If the amounts appropriated are insufficient to fully fund the allocations specified in this subdivision, the state department shall prorate and adjust each local health jurisdiction’s allocation using the same percentage that each local health jurisdiction’s allocation represents to the total appropriation under the allocation methodology specified in this subdivision.


A per capita allotment, determined as follows: After deducting the amounts allowed for the basic allotment as provided in subdivision (a), the balance of the appropriation, if any, shall be allotted on a per capita basis to the administrative body of each local health jurisdiction in the proportion that the population of that local health jurisdiction bears to the population of all qualified local health jurisdictions of the state.


Beginning in the 1998–99 fiscal year, funds appropriated for the purposes of this article shall be used to supplement existing levels of the services described in subdivision (d) provided by qualifying participating local health jurisdictions. As part of a county’s or city’s annual realignment trust fund report to the Controller, a participating county or city shall annually certify to the Controller that it has deposited county or city funds equal to or exceeding the amount described in subdivisions (a) and (b) of Section 17608.10 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The county or city shall not be required to submit any additional reports or modifications to existing reports to document compliance with this subdivision. Funds shall be disbursed quarterly in advance to local health jurisdictions beginning July 1, 1998. If a county or city does not accept its allocation, any unallocated funds provided under this section shall be redistributed according to subdivision (b) to the participating counties and cities that remain.


Funds shall be used for the following:


Communicable disease control activities. Communicable disease control activities shall include, but not be limited to, communicable disease prevention, epidemiologic services, public health laboratory identification, surveillance, immunizations, followup care for sexually transmitted disease and tuberculosis control, and support services. Communicable disease control activities may include:


Training of local public health, laboratory, environmental, and emergency medical services staff, including first responders, and the local medical community.


Acquisition of communication and data systems necessary for effective disease tracking.


Acquisition of protective equipment and other equipment and materials essential for communicable disease control activities.


Community and public health surveillance activities. These activities shall include, but not be limited to, epidemiological analyses, and investigating, monitoring, and controlling illnesses due to natural or intentional biological, chemical, or other health threats.


Funds also may be used for activities that increase the capacity of local public health jurisdictions to respond to potential biological and chemical terrorist threats, in the areas of communicable disease surveillance and control, public health laboratories, environmental health, and linkages to emergency medical services agencies.


Funds shall not be used for medical care services, including jail medical care treatment, except as necessary for purposes of subdivision (d).
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