CA Health & Safety Code Section 100575


By the 10th of each month, a person engaged in the business of pest control under the authority of a license issued pursuant to Article 1 (commencing with Section 11701), Chapter 4, Division 6 of the Food and Agricultural Code shall file a spray report with the county agricultural commissioner of each county in which the person has treated property during the previous month.


The spray report shall include the name and address of the person and, for each property treated, the following information:


The name and address of the owner of the property treated.


The name and address of the owner of the crop treated.


The type of crop treated.


The date, time, and method of treatment.


The type, quantity, and concentration of each pesticide used in the treatment.


The type of insect or pest to be controlled.


The number of trees or acres treated.


Any other information that the department may deem necessary in view of conditions that may constitute a menace to life, health, or safety of individuals living or working in areas where pesticides are applied.


Spray reports filed pursuant to this section are public records that shall be made available by the county agricultural commissioners for public inspection.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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