CA Harb & Nav Code Section 736


The division shall adopt regulations setting forth the fees to be charged and collected under this article. The fees shall be sufficient to reimburse the division for the reasonable costs of implementing this article.


A criminal records investigation fee shall be collected for both a salesperson’s and broker’s license in an amount determined by the Department of Justice, or by any other state or federal custodian of criminal records from which the division has requested information concerning an applicant’s criminal record, not to exceed the amount needed to reimburse the division for conducting the criminal records investigation.


The following fees shall apply until such time that the division adopts regulations pursuant to subdivision (a):


Two hundred dollars ($200) for each original broker’s license.


Seventy-five dollars ($75) per year for the renewal of an original broker’s license.


One hundred dollars ($100) for each original salesperson’s license.


Fifty dollars ($50) per year for the renewal of an original salesperson’s license.


Twenty-five dollars ($25) for a salesperson’s temporary license.


Twenty-five dollars ($25) for each license obtained by a broker for a branch office and for each renewal thereof.


Ten dollars ($10) for each transfer of a salesperson’s license for each change of employment.


Ten dollars ($10) for each duplicate license.


Ten dollars ($10) for each substitution of a name in the license of a corporation or a partnership.


Ten dollars ($10) for the granting of each certificate of convenience under Section 727.


Twenty-five dollars ($25) for each examination.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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