CA Harb & Nav Code Section 724


An application on the form prescribed by the department for the renewal of a broker or salesman license shall be filed with the department prior to the last day of the period for which a previous license was issued, accompanied by the applicable renewal fee.


Every license not renewed in accordance with subdivision (a) shall expire at midnight of the last day of the period for which it was issued and shall immediately be returned to the department. The license may thereafter be reinstated only upon the filing of an application therefor, accompanied by the payment of the renewal fee required by this article, together with a penalty equal to 50 percent of the renewal fee. No examination shall be required for the reinstatement of a license which has expired solely for nonpayment of the renewal fee as required by this subdivision, subject to Section 726.


An application for the reinstatement of a license which has expired pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be executed under penalty of perjury. The department may refuse to grant reinstatement if the applicant, after the expiration of the license, has performed any act or participated in any transaction for which a license is required by this article or, during the period, has committed any offense or performed any act which would be cause for the suspension or revocation of a license under this article. However, the department shall not refuse to grant reinstatement unless written notice of the grounds of the refusal is mailed or delivered to the applicant.


A salesman’s license which expires other than pursuant to subdivision (b) and under conditions beyond the control of the salesman may be reinstated with another broker on payment of the transfer fee and the renewal fee if applicable and without penalty.


All fees charged and collected under this article shall be paid by the department at least once a month, accompanied by detailed statement, into the State Treasury to the credit of the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund.


All fees charged and collected under this article and paid into the State Treasury are continuously appropriated to carry out the provisions of this article and shall be paid in the manner provided by law.


The department may establish a revolving fund in an amount that it may determine subject to the approval of the director.
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