CA Harb & Nav Code Section 655.2


Every owner, operator, or person in command of any vessel propelled by machinery is guilty of an infraction who uses it, or permits it to be used, at a speed in excess of five miles per hour in any portion of the following areas not otherwise regulated by local rules and regulations:


Within 100 feet of any person who is engaged in the act of bathing. A person engaged in the sport of water skiing shall not be considered as engaged in the act of bathing for the purposes of this section.


Within 200 feet of any of the following:


A beach frequented by bathers.


A swimming float, diving platform, or lifeline.


A way or landing float to which boats are made fast or which is being used for the embarkation or discharge of passengers.


This section does not apply to vessels engaged in direct law enforcement activities that are displaying the lights prescribed by Section 652.5. Those vessels are also exempt from any locally imposed speed regulation adopted pursuant to Section 660.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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