CA Harb & Nav Code Section 4061

If the commission, after a careful survey, investigation and examination, finds and reports to the board that the improvement, development or protection of the harbor is not practicable, or that it would involve too great an expense, its report shall be filed, and if it is approved by the board, the harbor commission shall cease to exist. If the commission finds that the harbor can be improved, developed or protected, and that the public will be benefited by its improvement, development or protection, and the cost will not be disproportionate to the benefits to be derived, it shall provide detailed plans and specifications for the best and most feasible plan of improvement, development or protection of the harbor. It shall estimate the cost and the amount necessary to be raised by the issuance and sale of bonds to do the work, and it shall make a complete, full and comprehensive report of its investigation and examination and file it with the board of supervisors.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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