CA Harb & Nav Code Section 3907

Whenever the authority pursuant to Section 3940 or the commission pursuant to Section 3950 determines by resolution that a bond issue under this part is necessary or desirable in order to make any of the expenditures authorized by this part, and so certifies to the committee, then the said committee shall approve or disapprove said resolution, and if it approves said resolution, the committee shall adopt a resolution authorizing and directing the State Treasurer to arrange for the preparation of the requisite number of suitable bonds and shall specify as to such bonds then to be sold:


The aggregate number, aggregate par value, demoninations and the date of the bonds to be then sold. The bonds may be issued in series or divisions of the total authorized issue. Such demoninations shall be in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000), or multiples thereof. The date appearing on the bonds or series or division shall be deemed to be the date of issuance of such series or division for all purposes of this part, irrespective of the actual date of delivery of such bonds of such series or division and the payment of the purchase price thereof.


The dates of maturity, and the amount and numercial sequence of the bonds maturing at each date of maturity, which amounts need not be equal, but which dates shall be at annual or semiannual intervals, and the first of which dates of maturity shall be not more than five years, and the last of which dates of maturity shall be not more than 50 years, after the date of the bonds or any series or division thereof.


Whether or not the bonds are to be subject to redemption at the option of the authority or the commission, as the case may be, prior to maturity, and, if so, the provisions for such redemption, the manner of the call thereof, and the price or prices at which the bonds shall be subject to redemption.


The annual rate, or rates, of interest which the bonds to be issued shall bear, which rate, or rates, at the discretion of the committee, may be determined by the bidder at the time of sale of said bonds, not to exceed 6 percent per annum. Such interest may be payable at such periods as may be fixed by the committee.


The technical form and language of the bonds and interest coupons.


Whether or not the right is reserved to make delivery in the form of temporary or interim bonds, certificates, or receipts, exchangeable for definitive bonds when executed and available for delivery, and if such right is reserved the denominations and form of such temporary securities.


Whether or not the bonds are to be subject to registration, the demoninations of registered bonds and the provisions, if any, for the interexchange of bonds of different denominations, the issuance of new bonds of different denominations in lieu of, or in exchange for, bonds of a like aggregate principal amount but of different denominations and the form and all of the terms and conditions of such registration and of such exchange. If such registration is provided for, all of the provisions of this part with reference to the payment of bonds and interest coupons shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such registration with respect to the payment of registered bonds and the interest thereon.


All other terms and conditions of the bonds and of the execution, issuance and sale thereof, which shall be consistent with all of the provisions of this part.


The committee may authorize the State Treasurer to sell all or any part of the bonds herein authorized at such time or times as may be fixed by the State Treasurer.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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