CA Harb & Nav Code Section 1171.5


The board shall adopt, by regulation, licensing standards that equal or exceed standards for obtaining federal endorsements and that conform with and support the state policy specified in Sections 1100 and 1101.


The board shall adopt reasonable rules and regulations that require pilots to be qualified to perform all pilot duties.


The board shall adopt, by regulation, training standards and a training program for pilot trainees, and continuing education standards and a continuing education program for pilots. In the case of pilot trainees, the training program shall be for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. In the case of pilots, the board shall specify the type, nature, duration, and frequency of the continuing education required and the identity of the pilots who are required to undergo continuing education in the next 12-month period. Pursuant to Section 1182, the license of a pilot may be revoked or suspended if he or she fails to complete the continuing education required by this subdivision during the period specified. The board shall also require that an evaluation of the pilot’s performance be prepared by the institution selected by the board to provide pilot continuing education, and the institution shall provide copies of the evaluation to the pilot and to the board.


The board shall adopt, by regulation, the qualifications, standards, and rating criteria for admission of pilot trainees to the training program. Notwithstanding subdivision (f), the board shall administer and conduct the pilot trainee admission selection in accordance with the regulations for admission.


The board shall establish a pilot evaluation committee consisting of five active pilots who each have at least 10 years’ experience as a pilot on the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun. The board shall select the members of the pilot evaluation committee. A member may not serve for more than two four-year terms, except that two of the initial members appointed to the pilot evaluation committee shall serve terms of two years.


The pilot evaluation committee shall conduct and supervise the pilot trainee training program pursuant to the direction and regulation of the board and consistent with the intent of this division.


The board shall issue a certificate of completion to each pilot trainee who satisfactorily completes the training program. The board shall not issue a pilot’s license to a person who does not receive a certificate of completion of the training program from the board, although the board may refuse to issue a pilot license to a pilot trainee who has received this certificate.


The training program for pilot trainees and the continuing education program for pilots shall be funded from revenues collected for these purposes as determined by the board pursuant to Sections 1195 and 1196 and deposited into the Board of Pilot Commissioners’ Special Fund pursuant to Section 1159.
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