California Government Code

Sec. § 99523

The council shall do all of the following:


Coordinate activities of state agencies that are related to cross-border programs, initiatives, projects, and partnerships that exist within state government, to improve the effectiveness of state and local efforts that are of concern between California and Mexico.


Invite representatives of the State of Baja California and the Mexican government to participate in meetings.


Establish policies to coordinate the collection and sharing of data related to cross-border issues between and among agencies.


Establish the Border Region Solid Waste Working Group to develop and coordinate long-term solutions to address and remediate problems associated with waste tires, solid waste, and excessive sedimentation along the border that cause the degradation of valuable estuarine and riparian habitats, and threaten water quality and public health in the state.


Identify and recommend to the Legislature changes in law needed to achieve the goals of this section.

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Jun. 6, 2016