CA Gov't Code Section 99500


The Governor is the primary state officer representing California’s interest in international affairs, to the extent that representation is not in conflict with federal law or the California Constitution, and except as otherwise specified in this title, to the extent this title is not in conflict with federal law or the California Constitution.


The Lieutenant Governor is the Chair of the California Commission for Economic Development, to improve trade opportunities for California. The Legislature finds that the commission has developed international partnerships that provide venues for foreign companies to do business in the state and for California-based companies to access foreign markets.


The Attorney General is the chief law officer of California and as such assists the federal government in defending against international challenges to California laws.


The Secretary of State oversees the International Business Relations Program, which aims to develop stronger connections between the international business community and the state by assisting foreign business entities with the various filing processes and procedures in California.


The Department of Food and Agriculture is the primary state agency for the promotion of California agriculture, fish, and forest exports.


The Natural Resources Agency and the California Environmental Protection Agency are the primary state agencies for the promotion of international exchange of environmental protection technologies, alternative energy technologies, and the promotion of the transfer of environmental technology to and from the state.


The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development is the primary state agency responsible for international trade and investment activities in areas other than those covered by the Department of Food and Agriculture.


Subdivisions (a) to (f), inclusive, are declaratory of, and do not constitute a change in, existing law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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